The McBroom Sisters

Durga & Lorelei McBroom


Durga and Lorelei McBroom are Los Angeles born sisters who have performed backing vocals for some of the biggest recording artists in history. Between them they have worked together and/or separately with Pink Floyd, Steve Hackett (Genesis), Nile Rogers, The Rolling Stones, Billy Idol, Rod Stewart, Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys), Blue Pearl, Boy George, and many more. They have appeared in films: “Flashdance” - Durga McBroom, “Rolling Stones At The Max,” – Lorelei McBroom, “Pink Floyd Live in Venice,” - Durga and Lorelei McBroom to name a few. The McBroom Sisters have released an album as a duo called “Black Floyd.” The album is a collection of Pink Floyd classics and originals the sisters have written with Pink Floyd members Jon Carin, Guy Pratt and Motor Head’s Lemmy Kilmister. The McBroom Sisters honor the roots of Rock and Roll by bringing the music they grew up on full circle. As African American vocalists in this time of social awakening, the McBroom Sisters offer a timely blend of  lyrical substance and authentic soulful takes on their favorite styles of music.