The McBroom Sisters

Durga & Lorelei McBroom

Listening Party rewind $10 (We are asking for a $10 donation toward album promotion.)

Friday July 3rd we premiered The McBroom Sisters album co-produced by David Domminney Fowler and Dave "Squids" Kerzner It features female led covers of Pink Floyd songs as well as original songs written with fellow Pink Floyd alumni Jon Carin and Guy Pratt. Lorelei wrote one with the late Lemme Kilmister of Motor Head. There’s also a song that Dave Kerzner wrote with Durga on there which features our mutual friend Lili Haydn on violin. Our friends Louise Goffin and Paul Litteral are special guests. As are Prog family pals Fernando Perdomo, Billy Sherwood, Randy McStine and Derek Cintron.Our friends Steve McElroy, Jason Sawford, Ricky Howard, Paul Bonney,  Lara Smiles, Emily Lynn and Mike Kidson appear on it as well. This album was a long time in the making! Happy it's finally coming out.

Lorelei, Durga, David Domminney Fowler, and Dave Kerzner were and joined by Jon Carin, Fernando Perdomo, Paul Litteral, Emily Lynn, Ricky Howard (with Paul Bonney in the You Tube chat.)  

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